Retrofitting Controls and Control Upgrades

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Get the functionality you need from your generator

If the generator’s engine is working well, but you don’t have the functionality of controlling it how you need to, consider retrofitting or upgrading your generator’s electric control panel.

At EPAC, we work with any make and model of generator to retrofit or upgrade control panels, giving our client’s the usability they need for their everyday use of their generator. Whether it’s a few buttons, a re-wire or a completely new electric control panel that’s needed, we are able to supply and install the control panel that your generator needs.

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Automatic Transfer Switches

For the most part, generators are used as stand-by power, overflow or emergency supply when the electrical mains can no longer be used, due to incidental or environmental restriction. To transfer the power over from the mains to the generator, most will have an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), to facilitate the transfer of source.

At EPAC, we design, supply and install ATS’, and customize applications and electric control panels to give our commercial clients the control they need of their generators when in use.

If your generator was installed a length of time ago, and you and your staff are unsure of the process of power transfer from mains to a generator, and even more so, unsure of how to control the generator when in use, consider getting a control panel retrofitted to your generator, making functionality easy-to-use and energy efficient.

How we work

  1. Call, email or visit us at our offices for a free consultation.
  2. We’ll organise a convenient time to visit your site and inspect your surrounding infrastructural environment, to get an understanding on your generator, and the way that you use/are planning to use your generator’s controls.
  3. EPAC will send you an obligation free quote within the next few days.
  4. We’ll co-ordinate a convenient time to perform the installation or modification in a way that lessens downtime, and increases the efficiency of your workplace.
  5. One of our team members will follow up in a few weeks to make sure that the servicing we’ve provided you with is satisfactory, and will recommend an recurring time to check in with your generator, ensuring it’s ongoing usability and quality. We also provide free phone support for all of our customers.

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